Burst Creative Group

Technologies Used:

  • Wordpress
  • CSS
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Trello

Skills Shown:

  • Wordpress Development
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Custom Integrations
  • Responsive Design


Between May - July or 2023 I completed 300 hours of internship at Burst Creative Group, a New Westminster-based digital agency. Via a cold email, I connected with Burst PM Erick Prieto, who offered to take me on as a Wordpress Developer and QA Tester intern. I agreed to work on a hybrid schedule that would have me in the office three days a week and the other 2 days remote.

About Burst

Burst Creative Group is a digital agency founded in 2010 by CEO Jeff Pinder. They offer comprehensive digital services with a 360-degree approach, serving clients globally. The agency comprises a team of ambitious designers, project managers, content creators, and storytellers who work together to bring meaningful projects to life. Burst Creative Group is known for pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation while maintaining a strong thirst for knowledge.

During my 9 weeks at Burst, I worked on 4 distinct projects. My first assignment was to perform QA testing and updates on the company website. Working collaboratively with 2 other interns, I proceeded to develop and test websites for 3 separate client projects.


Our workflow involved adapting prototypes build by Burst's design team into fully functional, responsive Wordpress pages, and performing extensive QA tests. Each project required customizations that were outside the scope of available Wordpress plugins, necessitating use of CSS and JavaScript. One project called for a complicated Google Maps integration, which the PM felt I was best suited to execute. This required some additional research on my part but I was able to deliver a product that exceeded my team's expectations.


My experience at Burst was positive and I feel better equipped to enter the industry having worked there. I feel much more confident at building out Wordpress sites, and I have had many opportunities to practice and develop the skills I learned during my time at BCIT. I also feel I have made some great friends and valuable industry contacts during this internship. At present I remain a part of Burst's freelance roster, and have taken on additional jobs for them since graduation.